Bloody Blogging before I begin at Bristol Uni

Well, I am about to begin my masters degree study in Social and Cultural Theory at Bristol university. I have decided to post some of the random thoughts that my course brings up. I am doing this because I would like to get some feedback from other random bloggers out there on the internet. I will give you a warning from now; sometimes my thoughts can be very ‘out-there’! I am not know as being the most grounded thinker, in fact, I tend to babble on at the best of times. If you do see a big strand of nonsensical rambling, then that must have been the goal of setting up this blog post. If, however, everything I say makes total sense, and in some way improves your life (or the life of everyone around the world) then it would have been an amazing idea to set up this blog site. My fait in the internet is limited. I do think the internet is life a infinitely depthless pit of redundant ramble and my very presence here will only contribute to such a chaotic mass of foolishness. Respect – chat soon. James


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