How can we?

Very sadly, most people are powerless and lack control. Out governments, banking systems, manufacturing firms, universities, police forces, provide a rigid system running towards environmental doom like lemmings. The people who inform us of impending doom, with all kinds of deterrents or promises of hope, are usually those lucky enough to have forged profitable career paths from environmental breakdown, or wealthy enough not to dedicate their lives to working for a system of self-destruct. We are trapped in daily cycles that are impossible to surmount or escape from. Black Lives Matter demonstrated to us two things: 1) the sheer valueless-ness of human life within these suffocating social systems, and 2) the enormity of power state systems have in forcing us all back into order. We are stuck within this modern social order and cannot make appropriate changes (apart from hopeless recycling) to save this planet.  

Change needs to come from above. And at the top of our social systems all we can see is corruption, greed, manipulation and lies.

The best we can do is keep on consuming, or keep on shopping – that is the opiate; the best way to forget, and as we all know, that is also one of the major causes of environmental catastrophe.

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